History of the Band

The Continentals Band began in early 1960, when Dick Meeker asked Louis Cambell and Dick Thompson to join him playing dinner music at the Officer's Club in the Norfolk Naval Shipyard.

They formed a band known as the DLD Trio and started entertaining the patrons at the Officer's Club.  Dick was the band leader, playing guitar and singing lead vocals, Louis played the drums, and Dick Thompson played piano.

They entertained the patrons and their guests at the Officer's Club every weekend. Dick's unique style on stage had everyone listening and dancing to their music. The DLD Trio quickly became the regular band at the Officer's Club.

During one of their weekend performances in 1961, the Admiral at the shipyard, approached Dick and asked him if the band could add more instruments and play ballroom dances. Dick added a saxaphone and bass player and changed the name of the band to The Continentals.

As the band has evolved over the years, Dick continues to be the leader of the band providing lead guitar using his 1963 classic Gibson 335 guitar, 1963 Fender Super Reverb amplifier, and singing vocals. Dick also enjoys performing with his Alesis keyboard while Patti sings some of Dick's favorite songs.